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Shades of Art

There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art;
and no surer way of uniting with it than by Art.


Johann Wolfgang von Geothe


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16 March The Mystery of the Creative Dream

The ability to see creative dreams is one of the unexplained mysteries inherent to geniuses. Many stories have reached us that tell how the author of an important invention or the creator of a wonderful art work received a hint for it in a dream.

02 March Haydn’s Slight Hint

Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn spent about three decades in the palace of the Esterházy princes, which was so rich and luxurious that was not inferior to the palace of the Emperor.


16 February The Advertisement of Coffee in Bach's Life

About 300 years ago, in 1732-1734, the German Baroque composer, organist and violinist Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his famous Coffee Cantata, which is considered to be the first music composition that advertises coffee.


02 February Musical Autobiography

The broadcast is dedicated to the history of the last Symphony (No. 6 in b minor) of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the famous Russian composer, conductor, pedagogue, music critic, and author of more than 80 works. This symphony can be considered the composer's musical autobiography.


26 January Moonlight Sonata or a Love Story

The Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor that was called by Ludwig van Beethoven a “sonata like a fantasy” (“sonata quasi una fantasia”) was printed by the publisher Nikolaus Simrock in Bonn, in the winter of 1802. The title page of the work had the words “Dedicated to Countess Giulietta Guicciardi”…


12 January On the Trail of Adagio

Adagio in G minor for organ and stringed instruments that is attributed to the Baroque Italian composer and violinist Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni is one of the most popular and most frequently performed piece of music in the world today. But many do not know that Albinoni has almost no relation to the creation of this work.


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