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Broadcast Schedule
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A Live Meeting with Olya Nurijanyan

Conductors, performers, singers, actors, directors... They make our days significant with various concert and theater evenings. Every day in the morning they hold their rehearsals. If they find time, then on Tuesday and Friday they rush to us, to Radio Vem, to talk about their upcoming concert or play. And this live conversation becomes a real "surprise meeting."


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16 February Derenik Demirchyan House-Museum

"Humans are those who are helpful to their nation, who sacrifice their lives with their good and beautiful works and patriotism." The staff of the Derenik Demirchyan House-Museum serve and live by turning these words of Demirchyan into work. After refurbishment, the museum presents a new exposition and periodic cultural programs to its visitors. Our surprise guest is the director of the Demirchyan House-Museum, Karine Rafayelyan.


13 February With a Pair of Creating Hands

In 2018, the museums of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin have started to carry out the exhibition project titled "Creating Hands." Until February 21, Gevorkian Theological Seminary's hall will host the works of artist Mikayel Harutyunyan and sculptor Sargis Babayan. "Sculpture is like a prayer," confesses our surprise guest, young sculptor, lecturer at the State Academy of Fine Arts Sargis Babayan.


26 January Ahead of the Feast of St. Sarkis

“Can you sing the sol of the first octave”? This question gave a start to a creative union, which in its turn became the beginning of a love story. Our surprise guests, young musicians Anna Hayrapetyan and Gor Salnazaryan, talk on some topics related to their pedagogical and research life.


24 November The First Music Museum in Armenia

On November 28, at 19:00, the Komitas Chamber Music House will host an event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum. In our surprise meeting, we're talking with Nana Petrosyan, the head of the Exhibition and Propaganda Department of the Museum, about the upcoming festal event and some episodes from the past and present of Spendiaryan's house.


21 November Triple Harmony

At the concert of November 24 during the 5th Khachaturian International Festival, the trio Otri of the Armenian State Youth Orchestra will present a new program and premieres in Armenia. The concert will take place at the National Gallery where the exhibition "Ivan Aivazovsky: Creation" has been opened, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the great marine painter. The entrance to the concert is free.


03 November On Stage Again

After a nine-year absence, opera singer Artak Kirakosyan will give his first solo concert in Armenia. The evening of November 4 became an occasion for a surprise meeting at our radio. The teacher of our guest that was born and had spent the first period of his education in Gyumri was Karine Mkrtchyan. He graduated from the class of Rebeka Ojakhyan at Yerevan Conservatory...


06 October ECM Records is Inspired by Komitas

"She knows how to immerse in these treasures, creating beautiful voices," writes the German Klassik Akzent in an article about the pianist Lusine Grigoryan's album "Seven Songs." Unerring feedback continues to reach Armenia and will be joined by the words of our musicians during the concert-presentation at the Komitas Museum-Institute on October 7, at 5 p.m.


26 September After the Rome Award

On September 28, the Aram Khachaturyan House-Museum will host the solo concert of young pianist, winner of international competitions, 8th grader at Alexander Spendiaryan Music School, Laura Galstyan. The most important part of Laura's education is her specialization under the guidance of renowned pianist Hayk Melikyan.

22 September European Musical Heritage Performed in the Martiros Saryan House-Museum

On September 26, at 7 p. m., the Martiros Saryan House-Museum invites to an evening of German chamber music. The concert will be followed by a tour in the museum that will be accompanied by Sofya Saryan, Saryan's granddaughter and chief curator of the museum. On September 30, a meeting-concert will take place that will present teen composers. Tigran Mansuryan and Ruben Aharonyan will be the honorary guests of the museum.


15 September The Sounds of the Armenian School of Composers

On September 16, the 4th Festival of Contemporary Armenian Composers' Music starts, which is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Composers Union of Armenia. On the threshold of the solemn opening concert, our surprise guests are composer Narine Zarifyan and Sona Khachatryan who is responsible for the informational part of the festival.


12 September Cygnus Flare

This London-based jazz trio won in a serious competition that lasted five weeks and was organized by Yamaha, Jazz FM, and Ronnie Scott’s Club in 2017. The jury members explained that they had been looking for a light in the tunnel. After London, the first concert abroad was in Yerevan. Our guest is the pianist of Cygus Flare, Arman Vardanyan.

08 September From Dusk to Dawn

From September 7 to 10, the Union of Artists is holding the first exhibition of artist, fashion designer and stylist Shushan Sargsyan’s works. The exposition presents drawings, paintings, sculptures, and applied decorative works.


05 September From Shushi to Yerevan

On October 9, there is a premiere in Yerevan. The Opera-Oratorio "David of Sasun" by Haro Stepanyan will be presented. This work that was created in 1936 is the first attempt in Armenian art of music composing to unravel this wonderful epic in music. The play is dedicated to the Artsakh Independence Day, the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi, Haro Stepanyan's 120th and Derenik Demirchyan's 140th anniversaries. Our guest is this project's author and artistic director Sarina Avtandilyan.


01 September Festival with Three-Color Fish

From August 25 to September 3, the Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films  announced for the fourth time that the best greeting is love, kindness, boldness, faith, and peace. The film screenings in outdoor places, the master classes, concerts, and film camps in Yerevan and marzes have already become the history of the Fresco 2017. Our guest is the artistic director of the festival, Anna Karapetyan.


28 July Terteryan and His Time

On July 29, at 15:30, buses will take everyone from Komitas State Conservatory to Sevan, Hayravank, Avet Terteryan’s house. On his birthday, an evening of musical and theatrical improvisations awaits us. The United Chamber Orchestra will perform musical pieces by Mikhail Kokzhaev and Vahagn Vardanyan (conductor Ruben Asatryan). Our surprise guest, musicologist, candidate of art criticism Narine Avetisyan, presents the details of the festival and of the mentioned day.


18 July A Road to Symphony

On July 20, the Time of Terteryan Festival will start at the Aram Khachaturian House-Museum. From that day until July 31, Armenia and Artsakh will experience days leading to Avet Terteryan. Young Armenian composers Aregnaz Martirosyan, Bardi Minasyan, and Vahagn Vardanyan will "accompany" our classic composer.


07 July Love for Music and Armenia

The upcoming Yerevan concert of Lilit Grigoryan as part of the Armenia International Music Festival on July 11 became an occasion for a surprise meeting at Vem. The pianist will play fine pieces of music by Schubert, Rakhmaninoff, and Mompou.

20 June The Best…

The academic year of Sayat Nova Music School was concluded with a big concert at the Aram Khachaturian Hall on June 19. On the day following that evening, we have surprise guests – Nana Torosyan, head of the School's Theoretical Department, and voice teacher Armine Mktrchyan.

16 June This Was Also Written…

On June 17, at 16:00, the Ghazaros and Araksi Saryan Hall at the Martiros Saryan House-Museum will host a memorial event dedicated to the 80th birth anniversary of merited musicologist Araksi Saryan. The guest of our surprise meeting is her daughter Sofia Saryan, the chief museum curator, philologist, and art critic. At the end of the talk, you’ll listen to Ghazaros Saryan’s Aria performed by Ruben Aharonyan and the author himself.

09 June Those Who Have Seen That Miracle…

Our guest who is fallen in love with singer Lusine Zakaryan’s image is her biographer Sergey Manvelyan. With his active collaboration and on the initiative of the National Library of Armenia, an event will be organized dedicated to the 80th birth anniversary of Lusine Zakaryan in the library’s hall on June 15 at 2:00 p.m. Memories of her contemporaries, rare videos, new archival materials, and a concert performance will be presented at the event.


06 June Amen

On June 23, Armenian best musicians will present on the stage of the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex the modernist opera "Amen" where visual effects, music, and dance are intertwined. The guest of our surprise meeting is the composer and producer of this project Araksi Musheghyan.


01 June "Airing" Children Speak

The whole world celebrates International Children's Day on June 1. During the festive broadcast of Radio Vem, all the important words will be read by children -- heroes of "broadcast cards." Our creative work is carried out with the help of Ani Gabrielyan, Arpi Sargsyan and Hripsime Muradyan from the Little Singers of Armenia Choir, students of Yerevan Basic School No. 99 Tamara Sharoyan and Volodya Vardanyan, and sisters Nare and Ellen Saratikyan from Basic School No. 189.


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19 May To the First Lady of Jazz

On May 24, the Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and Konstantin Orbelyan invite us to a concert entitled “Ella Fitzgerald – 100.” The participants of the concert are the orchestra of the Opera Theater and best musicians from three countries. The occasion for our surprise interview is that concert, and our guest is jazz musician, pianist, composer Vahagn Hayrapetyan.

04 April Watching in Silence and Listening to His Sounds…

Starting from April 8, Komitas Museum-Institute will host a temporary exhibition titled “Sound and Silence: Musicians and Instruments in the Course of Centuries.” We’re going to get acquainted with the historical course of development of instrumental music in the Armenian Highland. Our guest is art critic Nayiri Khachatryan, the coordinator of the forthcoming exhibition, the head of the Exhibitions Department of Komitas Museum, and its Manager of Educational Programs.


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