21:00 - Spiritual Discussions (Repeat), 22:00 - Voskeporik, 22:15 - classical music, 23:00 - Armenian Monasteries and Sanctuaries (Repeat), 24:00 - Prayers, 24:02 - Gandzasar Daily Program (Russian),
What is Vem?

Vem Radio carries out the vital service of the spiritual protection of Armenian people, preservation of national values, and propagation of high-quality culture in the Armenian broadcasting world. Vem is the way to develop and cultivate the aspirations of spiritual enlightenment and national identity. We believe that without inner transformation of the individual, there can be no victory on the national level. 

Our philosophy is based on the premise that individuals need to be reached in ways that are most compatible with their interior life, leading them on a personal journey that will help them integrate the self with society. To achieve this harmony between the inner and outer life, we strive to communicate in a language and medium that targets the human soul. We seek to invent new approaches and leverage new tools and methods to help promulgate the eternal values of morality, devotion, patriotism and tradition.

Vem has established itself as a provider of distinctive content. The station’s support of classical and spiritual music has helped public taste evolve into new dimensions, and the interplay of music and ideas is designed to deliver a life-changing spiritual message to audiences of all walks of life. Vem also broadcasts high-quality “intellectual” programs (based on the core principles of morality, patriotism, altruism, and devotion). 

Vem Radio’s programming concept is based on the fundamental human values. It incorporates several individual concepts into an innovative and coherent content: deep spirituality, classical music, cultural focus, and high intellectual standards. The station’s programming policy is being changed and renewed constantly to meet the needs of the audience. 

Vem Radio encourages the journalistic community to propose new projects and ideas, and is in a constant search for better ways of disseminating its message.

Who works at Vem?

People are Vem's most valuable asset. Capitalizing on its talented resource of human capital, Vem endeavors to offer the best services to its listeners.

Vem cultivates its success through a dedicated team of professionals. This distinctive mission calls for unique skills and characteristics from its workforce.

Only through the fusion of professionalism and dedication can a necessary base be established for implementing undertakings such as those championed by Vem.

How can I listen to Vem's programs?

Vem broadcasts 24-hours/7 days a week. In Yerevan and surroundings, it broadcasts at FM 91.1. Vem Radio re-broadcasts in Artsakh and Vanadzor through local partners, and it is also reachable via the Internet around the world.

You can also follow us through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/VemRadio ).

For any inquiries or questions, please contact us
1/3 Pavstos Byuzand st., Yerevan 0010, Armenia, Tel.: (+374 10) 54 88 70; (+374 10) 58 52 49