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Parents' Meeting

The aim of the program "Parents meeting" is to give an opportunity to wider public to be informed about issues, events, programs and prospects of education. The purpose of the program is to create an opportunity for the dialogue between education officials, pedagogues and parents.


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28 October Non-Materialistic Child in Materialistic Times

In our future plans, we imagine our grown up children with many achievements and bright career, also happy. . . And, of course, we see them in the future having a good financial income: they will not face financial difficulties, they will reach such a state that they will always have enough money for themselves and for their families. But will they be able to be happy no matter they have money or not?

  • Vaneni Vardanyan, psychologist at Dilijan Central School
21 October Children, Rights and Violence

In 1993, our country joined the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. During over 20 years, many issues concerning children have been revised and reevaluated in many families, but there are still many families that have not been able to accept that children may also have rights. We have both governmental and non-governmental laws, documents, organizations and commissions that work in favor of children. However, the experts that are concerned about children's rights have observed many cases of their violations and of violence against children in schools, closed educational environments, and family.

  • Lilit Nazaryan, coordinator of educational programs, Open Society Foundations – Armenia


14 October How to Prepare an Adolescent for Adult Life

The main task of the parents for their children is to prepare them for safe navigation before they have  set off to the open sea, that is, to prepare them, mentally and with necessary skills, for adult life, so that they may take their ship to the port successfully: that they may know themselves, find their place, overcome difficulties, and live a happy and harmonious life.

  • Lilit Baghdasaryan, psychologist, head of Recovery College


07 October Accessible City for Everyone

For October 8, several organizations have initiated an event dedicated to making our city accessible for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. It is aimed at creating a mobile app that will help such people to check up if a particular street or venue is adapted and accessible for them. The city belongs to all of us, and we mustn't neglect the people whose accommodation of life becomes impossible because of other people's irresponsibility, negligence, and indifference.
Artak Davtyan, a young man with disabilities; Varduhi Aramyan, coordinator of the website Matcheli.am and of the Accessible City initiative; Hasmik Soghomonyan, communication specialist at UNDP Kolba Innovative Laboratory 


30 September A Difficult Age: Adolescence

Daring thoughts and stormy feelings, rebellions and disobedience, a desire to oppose everyone, a yearning to embrace the world, to have people and the universe inside the heart, and at the same time a state of spirit when one is alone and lost. This is the transitional age. We the parents must know much about this age because we have a great importance, and it depends on us how child’s adolescence will come to an end, successfully or unsuccessfully, thus happily or failed.

  • Meghanush Manukyan, psychologist
23 September The Araratian Baccalaureate Educational Program

The Araratian Baccalaureate Educational Program has been recognized as equivalent to world leading educational programs. From now on, graduating Armenian students will be able to take the international exams in their mother tongue, Armenian, and be admitted to the best universities of the world. Besides, in the coming years, the AB program will be introduced, step by step, into those high schools of Armenia and Artsakh that will be ready to study with this alternative program. It will be available to all those students who pursue serious goals and are ready to overcome the high benchmark of the AB program.

  • Davit Sahakyan, Executive Director of the Ayb Educational Foundation; Aram Pakhchanyan, Head of Ayb School
16 September The Way Leading to Books

When at an ordinary class time the reading hall of a school is full of students and all of them are immersed in reading; when each of the children that loves to read does not do this separately at his own home, but the whole class is reading together; when in an educational environment children see each other with books and there is a chance to discuss in a group what had been read ― this means these children, or at least majority of them, have found the way leading to reading, and the teachers and librarians that work with them have caught the ropes that draw children close to books. This broadcast is about such a successful experience.

  • Mari Gabanyan, librarian at Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex
  • Tatev Abrahamyan, Armenian language and literature teacher
  • Areg and Aram, 7th-grade students
09 September On Doing Homework with Children

Starting from the very first days of school life, parents face issues like: How to correctly organize the day and the tasks, how to decide their own portion in helping children do homework and the portion of children's independence, how not to harm the relations with children because of their study at school, how to instill love and interest toward learning in children, how to help them be diligent and organized…

  • Lilit Kardumyan, psychologist


02 September Educational News

The first days of September, the beginning of the academic year, arouse special feelings and interest in everyone. Each year, there is something very beautiful and exciting in these days… The hottest topics of the current academic year that are discussed widely are this year's news: 12th-grade students will study and take exams in at least three subjects, while the exams of 4th and 9th grades will be oral.

  • Serob Khachatryan, lecturer at the Department of Philosophy and Psychology, YSU 
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