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Broadcast Schedule
New Books

During the years of Armenia's independence, the book publishing tradition has changed. Instead of tens of thousands of copies of books, now only several hundreds of copies are published, but the number of titles has incomparably increased. In this "flood" of published books it is not easy even for skilled specialists to choose.
The goal of this radio program is to briefly inform our listeners about new Armenian and Russian books published in Armenia and, as far as possible, in Artsakh and Diaspora also.

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26 December Issue 44
  1. Economical Armenian Genocide: The Economical Activity of the Armenians in the Territory of Modern Turkey Prior to 1915 (Collection of Documents)
  2. Thor Heyerdahl, The Maldive Mystery
  3. Ruben Zardaryan, Collected Works: Novels, Novellas, Prose Poetry, Pictures
  4. Hakob Hatikyan, The Western Armenians Targeted by the Secret Agencies of the Ottoman Empire in 1878-1923

(All the books have been published in Armenian)

12 December Issue 43
  1. Antoine Berman, The Experience of the Foreign: Culture and Translation in Romantic Germany
  2. Shakespeare, Hamlet
  3. Plato, Republic
  4. Aram Antonian, On the Road of Exile

All the books have been published in Armenian by Sargis Khachents Publishing House.


28 November Issue 42
  1. Joanne Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (in Armenian)
  2. Vardanesova Tatyana, The Cross-Stone Culture of Aragatsotn and Kotayk in the 9th to 17th Centuries (in Russian)
  3. Gasparyan Davit, Armenian Literature, Book VI (in Armenian)
  4. Isgahadian Harutiun, Martyrium of the Armenian Genocide, Book VI (in Armenian)


14 November Issue 41
  1. Kim Bakshi, The Spiritual Treasures of Artsakh
  2. Vardan Petoyan, Sasun
  3. Rosemarie Stresemann, Alliance of Death: Germany's Participation in the Armenian Genocide

(All the books are in Armenian)


31 October Issue 40

Publications of Antares Publishing House (all the books are in Armenian)

  1. Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game
  2. Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die
  3. Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine
  4. Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel: Stories and Essays


17 October Issue 39
  1. Avetis Aharonyan: Conference Materials
  2. Enno Meyer, Ara Berkian, Between Rhine and Araxes: 900 Years of German-Armenian Relations
  3. Harutyun Minasyan, Armenian Physicians Persecuted and Massacred in the Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey and Adjacent Territories: Concise Biographical Dictionary
26 September Issue 38
  1. King Vachagan's Constitution: From Artsakh to Artsakh
  2. Letters of Avetik Isahakyan
  3. Varuzhan Pluzyan, Today the Voice of the Father...


12 September Issue 37
  1. Dora Sakayan, They are Driven into the Deserts...
  2. Anzhela Teryan, Ancient Historical Testimonies on the Armenian Warrior
  3. Van Khachatur, Movses Khorenatsi, "History of Armenia"
22 August Issue 36
  1. Yervand Kassouni, Historical and Philological Discussions on the Road of the History of the Armenian People
  2. Ashot Petrosyan, A Struggle: Memoirs and Reflections
  3. Aram Simonyan, The Zangezur Struggle for Survival in 1917-1920
  4. Garegin Nzhdeh, Remember the War: Calls from Khustup


08 August Issue 35
  1. Hrachik Simonyan, From the History of "Political Justification" of General Andranik (in Russian)
  2. Karo Vardanyan, Explosions in Turkey and... Not Only: ASALA from the Inside (in Armenian)
  3. The Kalemkiarians (album in two languages), compiled by Hrazdan Tokmajyan
  4. Joseph Orbeli and the Epic "David of Sassoun" (collection) (in Armenian)
  5. Mkrtich Armen, Colorful Kingdom (in Armenian)


27 June Issue 34, Areg Publishing House
  1. All Colors of Armenia, album (compiled by Samvel Gasparyan)
  2. Charles Aznavour, Songs (compiled by Samvel Gasparyan)
  3. Vardan Aygektsi, Mkhitar Gosh, Fables 
  4. Alexander Petrochenkov, 1000 Most Important Words of the English Language (dictionary)
  5. Armenian-Russian and Russian-Armenian Dictionary (compiled by Samvel Gasparyan)
  6. English-Armenian and Armenian-English Dictionary (compiled by Sona Seferyan et al.) 
  7. Armenian-Russian Phrasebook (compiled by Samvel Gasparyan, Mariam Kirakosyan) 

All the books are published in Armenian.

13 June Issue 33
  1. Samvel Karapetyan, Artsakh (atlas)
  2. A Father's Lesson (collection)
  3. Hasmik Stepanyan, The Armenian Heirs of the Lusignan Royal House
  4. Lusine Mkhitaryan, Armenian Embroidered Lace: Tutorials
  5. Suren Sargsyan, University of Sanahin – 1050
  6. Nelle Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

All  the books are published in Armenian.

30 May Issue 32, Areg Publishing House


  1. The Wonders of Armenia, collection (compiled by Samvel Gasparyan)
  2. Hovhannes Tumanyan, Selected Works (compiled by Mariam Kirakosyan) 
  3. Yury Seleznev, Dostoevsky 
  4. Jean-Blaise Djian, Jean Varoujan, The Nemesis Operation: Soghomon Tehlirian (comic book)
  5. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
  6. Alexander Petrochenkov, 200 English Prepositions
  7. French-Armenian and Armenian-French Dictionary (compiled by Samvel Gasparyan)

All the books are published in Armenian.

16 May Issue 31
  1. Nicholas Adonts, Works, Volume VII
  2. Garegin Nzhdeh, Pages From My Diary (Open Letters to Armenian Intelligentsia)
  3. Historical and Cultural Contributions of the Armenians of Gardman and Shirvan: History and Modernity (collection)
  4. Meri Yerznkyan, Articles On Art
  5. Gregory of Narek, Narek: Prayer Book

(All the books are in Armenian.)

25 April Issue 30
  1. Poetry on the Armenian Genocide (collection)
  2. Stepan Hovnanyan, Memories of Bitter Days
  3. Anush Naggashyan, That Seed was Me…
  4. Materials for the History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Vol. 12

(All the books are in Armenian)

11 April Issue 29

Zangak Publishing House

  1. Hamo Sahyan, Don't Consider Me Absent 
  2. Ruben Galchyan, History of Cartography of Armenia
  3. Hamlet Petrosyan, Khachkar
  4. Matthew Barrier, Peter and Wendy
  5. Matthew Barrier,  Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens 
  6. Armenian Folk Legends (Collection) 
  7. Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451
  8. Confucius, Conversations
  9. Sophocles, Tragedies

(All the books are in Armenian)

28 March Issue 28
  1. Garegin Nzhdeh, Prison Life
  2. Hayk Asatryan, Turmoil
  3. Suren Hayrapetyan, On Familiar and Unfamiliar Roads
  4. Grigor Shinarar: Memories About Grigor A. Harutyunyan, the 1st Chairman of  the CP of the Arm. SSR in 1937-53 (compiled by Nami Mikoyan)
  5. Karpis Feschyan: The Knight-Laureate of People's Theater (compiled by Eduard Grigoryan)
  6. Leonhard Euler, Letters to a German Princess
  7. Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea
  8. Tigran Levonyan, The Return
  9. Grigor Vantsyan, Studies and Publications

(All the books are published in the Armenian language)


14 March Issue 27
  1. Movses Bjakjian, Complete Works, Volumes 1-7 (in Armenian)
  2. Zaven Petrosyan, Restless Serenity  (in Armenian)
  3. Zaven Petrosyan, Soaring Cliff Birds  (in Armenian)
  4. Charles-Louis Montesquieu, Persian Letters  (in Armenian)
  5. Lyuba Matevosyan, Self-Defense of the Armenians of Akhaltskha in 1917-1918 (in Russian)
  6. Tigran Nikoghosyan, Greeting Cards of Pain and Love  (in Armenian)
  7. Agapi Khurshudyan, Nikolas Nikolaidi Sakkilari (in Russian)
  8. Mher Yenokyan, The State of Feelings  (in Armenian)
  9. Why Did the Sea Rage (collection)  (in Armenian)
  10. French Poetry (collection)  (in Armenian)
  11. Babken Simonyan, Pictures from Lebanon (in Armenian)


28 February Issue 26
  1. Smbat Hovhannisyan, History and Memory
  2. Haykaz Hovhannisyan, Surmalu
  3. Garegin I, Life in Communion with God
  4. Argam Ayvazyan, We Need Warriors of Mind
  5. Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy
  6. Roman Avdoyan, Emma Sadoyan, The Religion and Customs of the Yazidi Nation
  7. Bakhtiar Hovakimyan, The Theme of the Armenian Genocide in Theater (1895-2015)
  8. Stepan Hovnanian, Memories of Harsh Days (in English)

All the books except the last one are in Armenian.


14 February Issue 25
  1. A Collection of Acts Relating to the Review of History of the Armenian People (in Russian)
  2. Erukhan, Through Asia Minor: Novels and Articles (in Armenian)
  3. Vachagan Sargsyan, To be Heard and Seen (in Armenian)
  4. Zemfira Yeritsyan, The Origin of the Historical and Household Dances and the Rules of Etiquette (in Armenian)
  5. Rafayel Tadevosyan, Armenian Genocide: Ten Questions and Nine Answers (in Armenian)
  6. The arbitral award on Turkish-Armenian boundary by President of the USA Woodrow Wilson (Nov. 22, 1920) (in Russian)
  7. Mikayel Ayvazyan, Who Killed Djemal Pasha (in Armenian)
  8. Baytsig Arabian-Kalaydzian, The Undying Lamp of Light (in Armenian)
  9. Areg Lusinyan, A Retrospective View From an Unfinished Life (in Armenian)
31 January Issue 24
  1. Gyuzalyan Garnik, History of the Near East and Armenia
  2. Grigoryan Sargis, The Islamic State: From the Origin to the Proclamation of the Caliphate
  3. Simonyan Babken, Cross Stone
  4. The Province of Kars as Part of the First Republic (April 1919 – October 1920): Materials and Documents (compiled by Vladimir Harutyunyan)
  5. Vahan Tekeyan, Caesarea: A Diary of Traveling and Living
  6. Hakob Hakobyan, Album
17 January Issue 23
  1. Michael Attaleiates, History
  2. Armen Marukyan, The Issue of Overcoming the Material Consequences of the Armenian Genocide
  3. Emma Kostandyan, Episodes from the Life and Work of Archbishop Maghakia Ormanian
  4. Armaveni Miroglu Mutarian, The Constantinople Armenians (1923-1939)
  5. Smbat Minasyan, Armenians in the North Caucasus in 1918-1920
  6. Myasnik Yesayan, The Armenian Issue in the Syrian Arabic-Language Press
  7. Irina Barseghyan-Krpeyan, Tatul Krpeyan: Self Defense of the Getashen Region in Northern Artsakh
  8. Seda Dajad Ohanian, The Armenian Community of Iraq in the 20th Century
  9. The Armenian Book Printing Through Centuries (collection of articles)

(All the books are published in Armenian)

27 December Issue 22
  1. John Kirakosyan, Selected Works
  2. Zemfira Yeritsyan, The Origin of the Historical and Household Dances and the Rules of Etiquette
  3. Isabella Gevorgyan, Zhirayr Avetisyan
  4. Artavazd Yuri (Yuri Sahakyan), Morus Hasratyan: Gemstones
  5. Bakhtiar Hovakimyan, Actor Kristapor Petrosyan
  6. Marina Arustamyan, The Topic of the Armenian Genocide in German and Austrian Literature
  7. Fyodor Dostoevsky, Writer's Diary
  8. Ara Khzmalyan, It's Questionable
  9. Hayk Drnoyan, The Main Typological Properties of Medieval Heroic Tales (11th-13th centuries)

(All the books are published in the Armenian language)


13 December Issue 21
  1. The Stalinist Repressions in Armenia: History and Everyday Memory (collection)
  2. Taner Akçam, The Crime of the Young Turks Against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire 
  3. Samvel Margaryan, The Soul of the Armenians
  4. Ashot Hovhannisyan, Israel Ori and the Armenian Liberation Idea
  5. Henrik Bakhchinyan, The Gandzes of Grigor Narekatsi: Rebirth and Essence
  6. Stepan Topchyan, A Scorpion's Year
  7. Levon Mutafyan, The Time of Perch Zeytuntsyan

(All the books are published in Armenian)


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