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Broadcast Schedule
New Books

During the years of Armenia's independence, the book publishing tradition has changed. Instead of tens of thousands of copies of books, now only several hundreds of copies are published, but the number of titles has incomparably increased. In this "flood" of published books it is not easy even for skilled specialists to choose.
The goal of this radio program is to briefly inform our listeners about new Armenian and Russian books published in Armenia and, as far as possible, in Artsakh and Diaspora also.

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22 November Issue 20
  1. Umberto Eco, Notes on the Pages of the "Name of the Rose"
  2. Harutyun Hovnatan, Hamo Sahyan Speaks And Makes Speak 
  3. Sergey Aghajanyan, Armenian Story in the 1960s-70s
  4. Levon Mutafyan, Norayr Adalyan's Literature And Modernity
  5. Zhenya Khachatryan, The Ceremonial Dance in the Context of the Beliefs of the Armenians
  6. Poghos Haytayan. The Half-Century Chronicle of the Armenian Art (collection)
  7. Vardges Sureniants (album)
08 November Issue 19
  1. Cilician Armenia in the Perceptions of Neighboring State Formations (Collection)
  2. Gohar Gharagyozyan, Ararat, a Sacral Territory (in Russian)
  3. Gagik Khachikyan, Avetis Aharonyan's Literary Prose
  4. Alvard Jivanyan, In the Garden of Enchanted Souls: Theoretical Issues of Children's Literature 
  5. Levon Azroyan, The Eagle's Nest that Was Unfairly Destroyed 
  6. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, or Principles of Political Right 
  7. Boris Murazi, After 100 Years… 
  8. Raffi, Collection (compiled by Anush Sarumyan)
  9. Hovhannes Tumanyan, Collection (compiled by Anush Sarumyan)
  10. Vahan Teryan, Collection (compiled by Anush Sarumyan)

(All the books, except one, are in Armenian.)


25 October Issue 18
  1. Yervant Kasuni, Reflections on a People, a Land, and a Nation
  2. Satenik Avetisyan, Writing and Identity
  3. Norayr Sarukhanyan, The Soviet Armenian Historiography in the 1920s-1930s
  4. Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs 
  5. Henrik Hovhannisyan, The Literary Stage of Suren Kocharyan
  6. Volodya Hovhannisyan, The Sisakan Detachment
  7. Artur Mikoyan, Satan's Tower
  8. Klara Terzyan, Moonlight Sonata  
  9. Lusine Aghajanyan, Memories
  10. Manushak Kocharyan, Poems 
  11. Narek Kirakosyan, Meditation

(All the books are in Armenian.)


11 October Issue 17

Publishing Center of the RA National Academy of Sciences

  1. Chronology of Hovhannes Tumanyan's Life and Works, Book II
  2. Moks: Armenian Folklore Culture (Collection)
  3. Avetik Isahakyan, Complete Collection of Works, Volume VII
  4. Levon Shant, Collection of Works, Volumes 1-9
  5. Suren Mkrtchyan, The Culture of Feasts and Rituals
  6. Anush Hovhannisyan, The Process of Confiscation of Armenians' Properties in the Ottoman Empire
  7. Aram Gasparyan, The Arab Nationalists and the Turks: From Collaboration To Conflict (1908-1914)
  8. Beniamin Mailyan, The National Issue and the Condition of Armenians in the Republic of Georgia in 1918-1921

 (The books are in Armenian)


27 September Issue 16
  1. Rafayel Papayan, Thinking on One of Pushkin's Verses
  2. The Traditional and the Contemporary in Armenian Culture (collection)
  3. Paruyr Aghbashyan, Yerevan State University (95th Anniversary)
  4. Paruyr Aghbashyan, Observations and Judgments
  5. Hasmik Gulakyan, The School of Our Independence Years
  6. Thomas de Waal, Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War
  7. Vahan Zanoyan, Pigeons of Ohanavank

The books were published in Armenian.

13 September Issue 15
  1. Levon Khechoyan, The Book of Mher's Door
  2. Political Currents and Colonies in Secret Soviet Documents (1945-1991, selection) 
  3. Vahan Teryan, Unpublished and Unknown Pages
  4. Ruben Zardarian, Articles
  5. Hasmik Vanyan, Legends of Avetik Isahakyan in Verse and Prose
  6. Zara Ter-Ghazaryan, History of Western Music: From Ancient Times to the XIX Century
  7. Hovhannes Papikyan, Shushanik Sahakyan, The Other Frunzik
  8. Suren Danielyan, Western Armenian Literature: The Titanic or Continuation?
  9. Varuzhan Dovlatyan, Raisa Dovlatyan, Samples of Armenian Silverware
23 August Issue 14
  1. Ler Kamsar, Unlived Years (in Arm.)
  2. Shahan Natali, The Turks and We (in Arm.)
  3. Kasim, Thoughts of the Day (in Arm.)
  4. Fr. Mesrop Aramian, Works, in 2 volumes (in Arm.)
  5. Aram Haykaz, Forgotten Pages, Volume 7 (in Arm.)
  6. Vardan Tovmasyan, Book of Knights, Volume 2 (in Arm.)
  7. Hamlet Gevorgyan, Nikol Duman (in Arm.)
  8. Avetis Aharonyan, The Swiss Village (in Arm.)
  9. Mkrtich Sargsyan, Letters (in Arm.)
  10. Suren Sargsyan, Lives of Soldiers (in Arm.)
  11. Davit Mshetsi, Visions of Love and Death (in Arm.)
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