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Karen Halajyan

Mr. Halajyan was born in Yerevan. His childhood dream was to become a radio presenter just like his father, Meritorious Artist of Armenian SSR, leading presenter of the Armenian State Radio and TV Committee Marat Halajyan. In 1971, the latter unexpectedly dies, and the dream to become a radio presenter leaves awhile the young student in his second year of study at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. After graduating from the institute in 1974, Mr. Halajyan works at one of the plants of a large military-industrial enterprise of the USSR. During 20 years, he passes through all the stages of his profession, from working as an engineer until becoming a deputy general director for production at a huge industrial association. Mr. Halajyan ends his industrial activity in 1994 as the director of one of Yerevan's factories. Afterwords he works in the financial field, as a vice-president of one of the banks in Moscow. 
In 2011, Mr. Halajyan is offered to lead Vem Radio, which he has been doing with pleasure to this day. He is the author and presenter of the programs "Reflections" and "Religions and Cultures," and also presents the program "Pearls of Music Theater."


Fr. Mesrop Aramian

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vem Radio

Fr. Mesrop Aramian founded Vem in 2012. He is a priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church, theologian, scholar, writer, film producer, social entrepreneur, and educator. Since 2013 he has been the Adviser to the President of Armenia on Education. He is the Director of the National Program for Educational Excellence, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb School and co-founder of the Ayb Educational Foundation. Fr. Mesrop Aramian is the founder and director of Gandzasar Theological Center and Vem Media Arts. He is the scriptwriter and producer of the documentary "From Ararat to Zion," creative producer of the film "The Book," and the author of its idea. Fr. Mesrop has authored books, articles, studies, radio and TV shows, as well as educational projects and programs.

Sargis Najaryan

RA Honored Artist, journalist Sargis Najaryan was born in 1950 in Yerevan. He graduated from the Yerevan Institute of Foreign Languages after Valery Bryusov and, by distance learning, the Department of Acting, Theater Faculty, of the Moscow State University of Culture.
In 1971 he was admitted to the State Committee of TV and Radio Broadcasting. His teachers for recitation were Marat Halajyan, John Hakopyan, Liah Karapetyan, Haykuhi Garagash and Hrachuhi Ginanyan.
For many years, he has participated in the film dubbing translation and editing works of Armenfilm Studio and has been the master of ceremonies of many festivals and concerts organized by Hayfilharmonia.
He has been working at Radio Vem as announcer since 2002, the establishment year of the radio station. His voice can be heard every day in the program "Gandzasar" and in weekly programs "World Classical Music," "Our Cinema," and "Armenian Monasteries and Sanctuaries."
Since 2014, he has presented the mono аct play "Komitas: Eternal Traveler" in Germany, Greece, Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Yerevan, and Gavar.
He has been awarded numerous medals and certificates. 


Aida Nersisyan

Aida was born on October 6, 1948, in Yerevan. In 1966, she graduated from Yerevan school N127 with a gold medal and entered the Faculty of Philology (Armenian language and literature) of YSU. After graduating from it in 1971, she started working as a host at the Public Television of Armenia. She worked there for 30 years in a wide spectrum of programs: news, culture, cinema, literature, music and educational programs... In 1987, she received the qualification of a host of highest category. Since 2002, she worked at Radio Vem as a speaker. Her voice sounds in the programs "Gandzasar," "Armenian Monasteries and Sanctuaries," "Voskeporik" and "What Famous People Say About the Bible." She also presents the musical pieces aired on Vem.


Anna Hekekyan

In 1978, Anna graduated from Yerevan Fine Arts and Theater Institute, Department of Stage Directing, and in 1980 from the post-graduate course at the Moscow State Institute of Theatrical Art (Department of Stage Speech). In 1980-1981, she worked as a producer at the Public Radio of Armenia, since 1990 she has been working there at the editorial office for cultural programs. From 1983 to 1988 she worked as a laboratory assistant at the Department of Scenic Speech of Yerevan Fine Arts and Theater Institute, now teaches at the same department, being an assistant professor since 2003. 
Since 2016 she has been a member of the professional jury of the national cultural television of Armenia.
Since 2002, she has been working at Radio Vem. She reads the texts of the programs "Gandzasar" and "Armenian Monasteries and Sanctuaries."

Hasmik Gulakyan

Born in 1957 in Ijevan. 
Hasmik graduated from the local secondary school № 3 in 1974. In 1976, she entered the Faculty of Philology of Yerevan State University and from the 4th year continued studying at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, graduating from it in 1982. From 1983 to 2002, she worked as an editor at Public Radio (formerly the State Committee for Television and Radio). Since 2002, she has been presenting her own radio program "Akunk" at Vem and since 2016 the program "New books" also. She worked simultaneously at the editorial offices of newspapers "Iravunk" (in 1998-99),  "Vasn Hayutyan" (2001-04), and "Golos Armenii" (Armenian version, in 2005). In 2004, she edited the magazine "Shrjadardz" (with Kevork Yazedjian; five issues were published). Since 2006, she has been working as an editor at the Edit Print publishing house. Since 2009, she has been the Executive Secretary of the Haykakan Hanragitaran (Armenian Encyclopedia) publishing house.

Ms. Gulakyan is author of several dozen radio programs, eight books (mainly journalistic content), and has collaborated with the Armenian media of Armenia and Diaspora. She also compiled and published the collection of aphorisms and prose poems "The Return of Noah's Dove" (in Armenian language) by prematurely deceased philosopher-poet Narek Hovsepyan.


Ani Pashayan
Selected Literary Works

Ani graduated from the Philological Faculty of Yerevan State University and from the Piano Department of Yerevan Musical-Pedagogical College named after Arno Babajanian. She is Candidate of Philological Sciences and author of numerous scholarly articles and a monograph. Since 2016, she has been hosting the program "Selected Literary Works" of Radio Vem.


Araks Poghosyan

Araks is the host of Vem's two programs: "World View" and "Spiritual Discussions." She is a lecturer at Yerevan State University, Faculty of Journalism. She has worked in different journalism fields (journal, web site, radio, TV), starting her career at Public Radio, then working at Ar TV, Public TV of Armenia, Armenia TV, and Shoghakat TV. For many years, she was a presenter of news programs at Radio Hay and Hay FM. She worked as a screenwriter of documentaries at the Public TV of Armenia and Armenia TV. She has published poems in the "Grakan Tert," "Nor Dar," "Garun," and "Andin" journals. She is a philologist by education and before being engaged in journalism she had worked as a teacher of Armenian language and literature at Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex. 

Izabella Aleksanyan
Parents' meeting

Izabela graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Yerevan State University.
She has been working at Vem since 2012 as the author and live presenter of the program "Parents' meeting" covering educational and psychological topics.


Lilit Avagyan

Lilit has worked at the Public Radio (program "Yerevan"), at Aravot daily, and collaborated with the Armenian service of Radio Liberty. From 2006 to 2015, she worked at the newspaper 168 Zham.  She is one of the authors writing for the newspaper Haykakan Zhamanak, the website Media.am, and the literary magazine Inknagir. 
Since 2006, she has been the author and host of the Vem program "Mirror."

Olya Nurijanyan
Armenian Composers and Performers

Olya has been working at Vem since 2006.
She is the author of the program "Armenian Composers and Performers." Each Tuesday and Friday, she is the live music presenter and often has live interviews. Outside Vem, she is a lecturer at Komitas State Conservatory (Department of Music History), the head of the Fund of Recordings at the Conservatory, and participates in editing works of the Conservatory Library. She holds a PhD in Art History, graduated from Komitas Conservatory as a music critic.


Grigor Danielyan (Daniel Yerazhisht)
World Classical Music

Daniel Yerazhisht has been working at Vem since 2003.
He is the author and host of the program "World Classical Music." He is a music critic by profession and a conductor.
"According to Nikolay Berdyaev, humans can justify their existence by creative work. That is why I am thankful to the administration and staff of Radio Vem for granting me the opportunity to create, perfect myself, feel myself useful, and serve my compatriots." (Daniel Yerazhisht)

Inessa Khachatryan
Pearls of Music Theater

Inessa started to work at Vem in August, 2011, as a sound engineer and editor.
Since 2016, she has been the author of the program "Pearls of Music Theater."
She graduated from the master's program at Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas (piano faculty).

Her motto: "Without music, life would be a mistake" (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Tatevik Tananian
Online Portfolio

Tatevik has been working at Radio Vem since February 2016 as a website administrator and graphic designer. She is the designer of Vem's new website (2016).

Since 2017, she has been the author of the program "Shades of Art."

She is a composer and pianist by profession, but is also engaged in professional photography, photo manipulation, and drawing. In her spare time outside Vem, she collaborates with various foreign and local companies as a graphic and web designer.

Her motto: "There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art;
and no surer way of uniting with it than by Art." (Johann Wolfgang von Geothe)

Gayane Amiraghyan

Gayane graduated from Komitas State Conservatory, Yerevan, Faculty of Musicology (2007), then did her postgraduate study at the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Arts (2011). She received her PhD degree in Arts in 2012. She has been a researcher at the Institute of Arts since 2012 and at the Komitas Museum-Institute since 2015. Gayane has taken part in republican and international conferences and authored several scholarly articles.

She worked at the radio Vem since 2008, first as a broadcast operator (2008-2012), then as the author and host of the programs "Music Bridge" (2011-2012) and "Tagharan" (2013-2016).


Karen Halajyan
Fr. Mesrop Aramian
Sargis Najaryan
Aida Nersisyan
Anna Hekekyan
Hasmik Gulakyan
Ani Pashayan
Araks Poghosyan
Izabella Aleksanyan
Lilit Avagyan
Olya Nurijanyan
Grigor Danielyan (Daniel Yerazhisht)
Inessa Khachatryan
Tatevik Tananian
Gayane Amiraghyan
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