21:00 - Spiritual Discussions (Repeat), 22:00 - Voskeporik, 22:15 - classical music, 23:00 - Armenian Monasteries and Sanctuaries (Repeat), 24:00 - Prayers, 24:02 - Gandzasar Daily Program (Russian),

Vem was formed to disseminate spirituality and help Armenians reconnect with their national and cultural heritage. Among the founders are Armenians with different backgrounds: leaders in the area of religious research and publishing, charity, consulting, as well as prominent Diasporan Armenians, and others.

Vem is an exponent of the Gandzasar Theological Center's scholarly resources. Over 60 Gandzasar publications constitute the foundational, intellectual and moral basis for Vem and its mission.

Vem commenced its radio project at the end of 2000. The actual broadcasting of Vem Radio (FM 101.6 in Yerevan) started in January, 2002, while the official opening of Vem radio station took place on April 7th, 2002. The opening was celebrated at the Yerevan Chamber Music Hall, where 300 guests representing various political, business, cultural, and religious organizations congratulated Vem with their novel and groundbreaking idea as well as their successful entry into the broadcasting market of Armenia.

With the purpose of creating a comprehensive digital treasure-trove of Armenian spiritual music, Vem Recordings embarked on a major effort to document Armenian sacred music in Western notation and to offer high quality recordings of this ancient music tradition worldwide. The exquisitely designed studios and state-of-the-art equipment permit world-class recordings to be made both within its studios and in the authentic settings of Armenia’s medieval churches and monasteries. For the design of Vem studios, the Armenia-based Acoustic Scientific Center was awarded the Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology in the Gold category in March, 2004.

In order to extend its audience and to reach even more people, Vem launched its own TV Production Studio called Vem Media Arts in 2004.

Certificate of Commendation - December 17, 2016

Given by the Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum
For popularization of A. Spendiaryan's legacy and for coverage of the activities of the composer's house-museum

Certificate and Statuette - October 16, 2006

Azdarar Award 
Given by the Union of Journalists of Armenia
On the occasion of the Day of Armenian Press

Certificate of Commendation - 2006

Given by the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival
For the support to the Golden Apricot Film Festival

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Given by the Gallery of Arts Fund
For informational support to the National Gallery Music Festival


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Given by the Ars Lunga Duo
For contribution to the Anthology of Armenian Chamber Music Program

Certificate of Commendation - August, 2010

Given by Naregatsi Arts Union
For the support to Naregatsi Arts Union

Certificate of Commendation
December 17, 2016
Certificate and Statuette
October 16, 2006
Certificate of Commendation
Certificate of Commendation
Certificate of Commendation
Certificate of Commendation
August, 2010
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