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Vem Media Arts, a film production studio that operated in 2004-2012, mainly produced documentary films and TV programs. Its successful start was marked with the presentation of the short film “Competition” at COAF’s first Annual “Save a Generation” Award Benefit in N.Y. City on June 24, 2004.

Vem Media Arts has produced a series of environmental documentaries comprising 11 movies that were favorably received both in Armenia and the Diaspora. Vem Media Arts has also produced the “Spiritual Discussions” and “Catechism" series of shows for television broadcasting. 

In 2010, Vem Media Arts completed shooting of a grandiose documentary feature, “From Ararat to Zion” depicting the centuries-old Armenian presence in the Holy Land.


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From Ararat to Zion

The colorful mosaic of Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land has been shaped over two thousand years. Pilgrims have brought their stories with them, and left their memories with the land. 

Here the documentary filmmakers have given us a view of some essential passages in these stories, to reveal the precious identities which the stories preserve. They follow the paths taken by Armenian pilgrims as they travel between to focal points of history – from the Mount Ararat to Zion, from A to Z. 

For the filmmakers themselves, the process of making this film became a pilgrimage they will remember throughout their lives. They personally experiences the perils of the journeys made so long ago by pilgrims who called themselves “those who witnessed death.” 

The documentary communicates the spirit of pilgrimage which has nurtured and sustained the sanctuaries and monasteries of the Holy Land over the centuries. At the cost of immeasurable sacrifices and immense exertions, pilgrims have come to the Holy Shrines to witness the earthly presence of God. 

The viewer sees the Holy Shrines through the pilgrims’ eyes. Though they may have been put on display many times before, these special places emerge anew in the film, revealing their otherworldly essence and life-transforming power. 

The film shows such striking scenes as the Holy Sepulcher by night, the colorful spectacles of Easter in Jerusalem, the Ceremony of Holy Light, Mount Sinai in Egypt, the Monasteries of the Judean Desert, the summit of Mount Ararat.

The documentary is woven together to make an impact at every level, through the exceptional narration of Aidan Quinn, the beautiful music of Lisa Gerrard, and the striking visuals and rich personal reflections.

"From Ararat to Zion" DVDs are available at Amazon


The 23-minute documentary film tells the story of a coalition of local and international NGOs, educational and scientific organizations, and individuals who worked with the Diaspora to save the Shikahogh Nature Reserve in southern Armenia. 

Date of production: June, 2005.

Yerevan: City or Desert?

This 20-minute environmental film features the testimonies of experts and city residents to the deteriorating environmental condition and loss of green spaces in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan that started during the energy crisis of the early 1990s. 

In December 2005, the documentary “Yerevan: City or Desert?” got First Prize for environmental journalism at the annual competition on "Environment and Industry" for TV and print media, organized by the OSCE Office in Yerevan and the Aarhus Centre. 

Date of production: September, 2005.

Threads of Hope (Lake Sevan)

The 23-minute documentary provides a historical overview of Lake Sevan, Armenia’s national treasure of strategic importance, and highlights the environmental concerns facing the lake, its unique biodiversity and the watershed. 

Date of production: December, 2005

From Need to Greed (Illegal Logging)

This 20-minute documentary film is on illegal logging and the deforestation of Armenia. It explains how humans have started to destroy this vital lifeline over time. 

Started in 1992 as a result of the energy crisis in the country, massive logging of forests in Armenia continued in the following years. In the film, experts offer their views on steps that need to be taken to eliminate illegal logging and allow Armenia’s forests to regenerate.

Date of production: March, 2006.

Deadly Formulas (Air Pollution)

The 20-minute documentary film is about air pollution in Armenia and the main reasons causing air pollution. Vehicles, factories, and combustion emission from waste removal produce harmful carcinogens and toxic substances, placing the population and the ecosystems at highest health risks. 

Parallel to this, another dangerous phenomenon--destruction of green areas--has taken place on a wide scale. 

Date of production: May, 2006.

Plant a Tree (Reforestation)

This 20-minute documentary features the years-long successful efforts of Armenia Tree Project (founded in 1994) and Armenian Forests NGO (founded in 1994) to support efficient forestation and rehabilitation works in various regions of Armenia and Artsakh and further the country’s economic and social development through mobilizing resources to fund tree planting. 

Date of production: July, 2006.


The 20-minute documentary film features the problem of wastes and their disposal, including household refuse and industrial wastes containing numerous toxic compounds and polluting the air and, through the sewage waters, the soil, thus creating extreme danger for both human health and the environment. Particularly harmful are the chlororganic pesticides buried in a special burial site built in Armenia in 1982. 

Utmost attention must be paid to the disposal of plastic polymeric wastes that total 30% of household rubbish. Recycling is the only environmentally sound way to dispose of it. 

Date of production: August, 2006. 

Flowing Wealth (Water Resources)

This 20-minute documentary features the disturbing situation with Armenia’s water resources, its most precious asset. The anthropogenic pressure on natural resources is growing day by day, and water is the primary bearer of this pressure.

However, we need to realize that if oil and gas resources are exhausted, it is possible to shift to alternative sources of energy, whereas fresh water has no replacement whatsoever. 

Date of production: October, 2006. 

Poisoning for Profit (Underground Resources)

This 23-minute documentary features the irrecoverable harm caused to nature and population by the mining industry in Armenia. The mining waste enters the air, the soil, and ultimately pollutes the irrigation and drinking water. 

Date of production: March, 2007.

Evil Quartet (Biodiversity)

The 22-minute documentary is about the threats to biodiversity in Armenia. It highlights several endangered species in Armenia, the impacts of human development on wildlife, the role of hunting and poaching, and provides a scientific overview of the ecosystems. 

Date of production: November, 2007.

Specially Protected Natural Areas

The eleventh in a series of films about environmental issues, “Specially Protected Natural Areas” features the current realities facing Reserves and National Parks in Armenia. 
The 24-minute documentary includes expert testimony to the largely endangered ecosystems in the country’s natural areas that have a rich biodiversity and are of serious scientific and global value. 

Date of production: July, 2008.

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