Our Programs

Vem broadcasts in-depth discussions, authorial coverage, and readings on spirituality, worldview, culture, and education.

Vem is a classical music radio station. The sound library of Vem has more than 30,000 units of the best performances of world classical music, which
open and end in Armenian.

Armenian classical and spiritual music occupies a large place on Vem’s airwaves. Many high-quality performances of Armenian spiritual and classical music recorded in Vem Studio are also part of the sound library.

What Is Vem and Why Vem?

In Armenian, the word “vem” means “rock, big stone,” also “basis, foundation.” In spiritual terminology, “vem” symbolizes Jesus Christ. At the same time, “vem” denotes credo, dogma, and a unity of the main principles of faith. In general, “vem” stands for a “base of existence” or “fundamental values of human life.”

Our name reveals our mission. Our activity is dedicated to the coverage of fundamental concepts and values of human life, to strengthening of spiritual awareness, and to protection of Armenian identity and culture.


Vem’s programs have been broadcast since January 2002, and the official opening of the radio station took place on April 7, 2002.

The basis of Vem’s programs is the rich heritage of the Gandzasar Theological Center. The latter’s publications were the source of Vem’s numerous broadcasts.
In 2003, Vem Radio established its own recording studio. Vem has made high-quality recordings of Armenian spiritual music both in the studio and in the medieval churches and monasteries of Armenia.

In March 2004, the republican Acoustic Scientific Center was awarded «The Arch of Europe» gold award in the «Quality and Technologies» nomination for the design of Vem’s studios.

In 2004, Vem created the Vem Media Arts video production studio, which has produced numerous films and TV shows.

In 2010, Vem Media Arts released the international award-winning documentary film «From Ararat to Zion» which tells about the centuries-old presence of Armenians in the Holy Land.

In 2014, Vem Media Arts released the film «The Book».

In 2019, Vem published St. Grigor Narekatsi's «The Book of Lamentations» translated into Eastern Armenian by Fr. Mesrop Aramian.

In 2022, Vem Radio and the Ayb Educational Foundation started the «Identity and Values» discussion series, which is broadcasted by Armenia TV.


Vem Radio is operated by the Vem Educational and Cultural Foundation.