The Tagharan program is dedicated to the spiritual and folk branches of Armenian music. At the heart of the creation of the program is the idea of kinship of these two branches, which was first scientifically dealt with by Komitas.
Zatik, Program for Children
Every day something happens to little Nerses: despair, anger, joy, surprise, frustration... And whenever he needs help, the angel of God appears and tells him a story. The stories from the Bible help little Nerses to understand what happens to him and...
Very often in our everyday life we, consciously or unconsciously, use ideas and expressions which are biblical, but do we know the meaning and significance of these invaluable words? Aren’t we using them inappropriately, out of place?
Catechism of Orthodox Faith
This program gives detailed instructions on the principles of Christianity. How are the basic tenets and teachings of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church interrelated with the Christian faith? What are the sources of our doctrine, the sacred traditions
Religions and Cultures
There is no country, no civilization, where religion hasn’t left its visible and beautiful traces. It's Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes storing the former grandeur, Gothic cathedrals of Europe, Armenian monasteries and cross-stones, many kilometers of...
Great Ideas
"No army can be compared with the power of an idea whose time has come." French writer Victor Hugo understood that ideas born at a proper time produce ideas shattering the universe, ideas that are doomed to be great.
Capitals of Armenia
“Capital Cities of Armenia” by Sergey Vardanyan.
Book of Proverbs
The Book of Proverbs, also called the Proverbs of Solomon, is one of the several biblical books attributed to Solomon, king of Israel. It is a treasury of wise instructions and advice for life and piety, and it never goes out of date.
Wisdom of Solomon
This book is one of the so-called deuterocanonical books of the Bible, that is, it is not part of the Hebrew Bible. The book was written by a Jew in Ancient Greek, in Alexandria, Egypt, and attributed to King Solomon.
Book of Sirach
The book of Sirach is among the so-called "deuterocanonical" books and is part of the Bible Canon of the traditional Churches. The author was Jesus, son of Sirach who lived in Jerusalem and was one of the Jewish sages, an expert in Holy Scriptures.