“Ararat Baccalaureate” – Armenian-based international education

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Public discussion of "National Education Excellence Program” took place in Matenedaran with the participation of intellectuals and public figures today.


“National Education Excellence Program” was initiated by “Ayb” Educational Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science, collaborating with the University of Cambridge and London Institute of Education.


The program aims to introduce Armenian language-based education program in Armenian schools that will comply with international standards – Ararat Baccalaureate (“Ayb Ben” or AB) and to train teachers qualified for the program.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “Ayb” School Father Mesrop Aramian stated in his speech that the program primarily aims to train teachers who are open for changes and realize their mission.


“In early 20th century, Adjarian, Manandian, Yervandian and Komitas used to teach at Gevorkian Seminary. A meeting with them was enough to revolutionize the souls of people and to light a fire in their hearts. It’s the qualities we were guiding to education. This is why our education has been deemed as the best for many centuries. Early in the century the best schools in Constantinople, Tbilisi and Moscow were Armenian”, he said.


According to Father Mesrop Aramian, the best teachers should be armed with modern methodologies, educational programs and technologies. “The studies conducted in the best education systems revealed that countries possessing a dramatic bulk of teachers are among the leading ones today”, he stressed.


Father Mesrop Aramian underlined that “Ararat Baccalaureate” will not be the copy of any international program. It will bunch up best practices and create its own, relying on the national value system.


“The fact this educational system is Armenian-based is of utmost importance as Armenian is the official language, and it is patriotic as it guides itself in compliance with Armenian values. We should rear an Armenian who will be able to assume the responsibility of the future of Armenian people, will have a sense of belonging and will be part of his own culture”, he said.


In the first years (2014-2016) of the ten-year program, “Ararat Baccalaureate” will be studied, completed and be granted international certification. In 2016-2019, 12 schools in Armenia (two schools from Yerevan and one from each region) and one school in NKR will switch to “Ararat Baccalaureate” with internationally accredited teachers.


Within 2019-2023, “Ararat Baccalaureate” will be introduced in all high schools in Armenia and NKR, around 2.000 AB teachers will get accreditation and roughly 20.000 teachers will be enrolled in the program’s scope of impact.