Traits of the Armenian identity, Identity and Values, Discussion 6

1. The role of collective identity in human life.
2. The main elements of national identity (culture, history, vision, mission, etc.). Static and dynamic, positive and negative contexts of collective identity, their interrelations.
3. The main features of national identity according to Gustave Le Bon (common feelings, interests, beliefs). National soul, will, and morality.
4. The most important events and sources of the Armenian identity’s formation (Origination, adoption of Christianity, invention of alphabet and the movement of the
Holy Translators, Narekatsi, etc.). What values ​​derive from them, and how vital are they for us today?
5. The nation as a culture. Living culture and historical memory. Cultural integrity, clarity, and simplicity. The culture as a lasting synthesis. The will and courage to
transform. Responsibility for the future.