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George Frederick Handel, Ariodante

It is not known who wrote the Italian libretto of this оpera; it is known only that it was based on a work by Antonio Salvi, which in turn is based on the heroic poem of Ludovico Ariosto “Orlando Furioso.”
Handel wrote about 40 operas during 36 years, starting with "Almira" and ending with "Deidamia."
Opera Ariodante was first staged in London, in the Covent Garden theater, on January 8, 1735. It was performed only 11 times. The lead singer was the then-famous castrato Giovanni Carestini.
Like other operas of Handel, Ariodante also had been forgotten for more than 200 years until it was staged again in 1971.

Vardan of Aygek, On Sins

Readings From the Church Fathers

Vardan of Aygek, On Sins

Return on Its Course

This phrase means the return of something to its usual place, initial position, as well as that nothing is essentially new in this world: everything keeps repeating. This phrase is from the Bible: “Everything is meaningless. What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises, and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises. The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning to its course” (Ecc. 1:2-6).

Twelfth Day of Great Lent

The Day in the Liturgical Calendar

Deut. 7:11-8:1, Job 9:1-10:2, Isa. 40:9-17

Eph. 3

Redemption unfolding among the Gentiles. The new heritage of the Church of Christ. It is through humility that we can approach and please God. The purity of the human heart is the basis of the true knowledge of God.

  • Speaker: Fr. Mesrop Aramian
Hovhannes Tumanyan, The Pot of Gold

Hovhannes Tumanyan, The Pot of Gold

Spiritual Discussions
Christian faith according to the Bible and teaching of the Church Fathers. How to fulfil the divine commandments and fight against sin? The Holy Bible and the Sacred Tradition of the Church. How the Church responds to the fundamental questions of human li
Identity and Values
The program is about worldview issues. The main topics include personal and collective identity, epistemology, and axiology. The purpose of the program is to promote conceptual thinking, shape community-building culture...
Identity and Values, Discussion Series
The program is about worldview issues. The main topics include personal and collective identity, epistemology, and axiology. The purpose of the program is to promote conceptual thinking, shape community-building culture, and spread the dialogue about...
Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart
St. Gregory of Narek’s The Book of Lamentations or Narek was created as a prayer book. Prayer is the breath of the soul. As the physical body cannot live without oxygen, the human soul cannot live without prayer. Narek opens for us the unimaginable...
Commentaries on Bible
The Holy Bible in the Sacred Tradition of the Church. How to read, understand and carry out the Word of God. Commentaries of the Church fathers as the basis of the orthodox understanding of the Holy Scripture.
Spiritual Discussions (archive)
An investigation into central fundamental issues such as the meaning of life, our calling, the search for truth, the choice of the spiritual way.
Holy Fathers
The Day in the Liturgical Calendar. Readings From the Church Fathers.
The Bible and Lives of Saints
The Day in the Liturgical Calendar. The Bible and Lives of Saints.
Very often in our everyday life we, consciously or unconsciously, use ideas and expressions which are biblical, but do we know the meaning and significance of these invaluable words? Aren’t we using them inappropriately, out of place? The show “Reflection
The program serves educational purposes and raises the public awareness of our national, spiritual, and cultural heritage. Theological, historical, and geographical information. Religions, sects, and heresies.
Psalm Book
A collection of Psalms, the Psalter, or the Psalm Book, is one of the poetic books of the Old Testament. The Psalm Book contains 151 Psalms, of which 150 are canonical, and the last one is deuterocanonical.
“View” is a platform for deep conversations. Here, together with Tovmas Arakelyan, we try to explore the views of various figures and intellectuals, on a wide range of topics.
Introduction to the Bible
The Bible, the Holy Scripture, the Word of God… Names that denote the exceptional value and importance of the Book. Why does the Church believe in the divine origin of the Bible? What can be considered as an undeniable proof for it?
Armenian Monasteries and Sanctuaries
Throughout the centuries, Armenian monasteries have played a great role in the spiritual, cultural and political life of the Armenian people. These holy sites are recognized not only as centers of prayer, but also as scriptoriums where...
Pages of Armenian History
“Pages of Armenian History”, Eduard Danielyan
Pearls of Music Theater
The program broadcasts the best performances of famous operas, ballets, musicals, and operettas, presenting their plots and the history of their creation.
Shades of Art
The history behind the creation of great musical masterpieces. The evolution of music and the creation of musical instruments. The history of classical and folk dances.
Selected Literary Works
Remarkable writers of the 20th century and their most famous works. The literary paths taken by modern Armenian writers, and their literary achievements